The system allows players to interact with images and objects over the screen though the simple manipulation of real objects such pens, cubes and other devices; web-cams function is to detect the position and orientation of such real objects over the screen, thanks to a specific Binary Mark Reconnaissance Library that recognizes binary marks situated upon the objects. This innovative form of interaction that joins real and virtual elements together will permit a better approach to the platform.

Applications, games, user’s and expert’s registration data as well as cognitive skill progression will be all managed by a normal pc equipped with a simple data-base that will allow elderly specialists involved in the project to follow users’ progresses from any pc with an internet connection.

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Play and leisure activities to practice elderly cognitive abilities are the basis of the Eldergames project. The Eldergames platform brings together a classic main Memo-game, in which players have to remember and pair different related cards (language, calculation, images cards), and other cognitive training exercises specifically chosen by the experts according to user’s needs and requirements.


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